Team Introduction

As we push onwards towards the release of Galaxy Blitz, let’s take a few minutes to introduce ourselves as conquering the galaxy is so much more rewarding when we know the opposition! While we’d love to write about each and every one of the 15 talented and dedicated staff here at Galaxy Blitz, for the sake of keeping this an article rather than a long winded essay, we’ll focus on the core team for now.

Allen: CTO

Allen is taking charge and responsibility for the back-end development of Galaxy Blitz. Allen started his career in gaming back in 2012 with over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. He is responsible for the game back-end development and IT team management. He used to work in the Finnish gaming company---Supercell (which is purchased by Tencent now) as the main programming lead for the game Clash of Clans. As Galaxy Blitz is a blockchain version of Clash of Clans, Allen is super familiar with the original coding of Clash of Clans since he coded most of it. Thus, he has the unbeatable advantages in coding Galaxy Blitz.

Tutu: Lead Designer

Our Lead Designer here at Galaxy Blitz brings with him extensive experience having worked for 15 years in relevant industries. He started his talents in CG, which led him to work on the effects teams for Marvel’s Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 as well as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series. With over 15 years of game plan and metaverse design experience. He previously led the concept design at Supercell for Boom Beach.

Wheat: Head of Planning

Wheat is our Head of Planning, making sure Galaxy Blitz stays on schedule to bring you the premier gaming experience in GameFi and PlayToEarn. He joined Nintendo in the Kyoto office at the beginning of his career. He stayed in Dubai for 3 years with a whole gaming team there, he also worked in Southeast Asia to independently lead the local teams there. In addition, one of his games has over 10 million downloads on Google Play. His love of all things decentralized led him to Galaxy Blitz.

Gavin: Project Lead

Gavin is by far the biggest gamer on the team and his Steam library could make any gaming veteran blush. He has great experience in blockchain, especially in DeFi. Besides, he is a passionate NFT collector. He has built lots of personal relationships with blockchain experts over the years. He is also the host/owner of a well-known blockchain knowledge sharing community to contribute to this industry. Being a large proponent of GameFi, he saw a prime opportunity to work on his passion with Galaxy Blitz.

Clement: Co-founder

Clement brings his extensive experience in the blockchain industry to GalaxyBlitz. After graduating from the American Business School of Paris, he joined Huawei smartphone division in France, started from scratch and reached top 3 market share in less than 5 years. His blockchain journey started back in 2017 and has accumulated a series of successful achievements in the industry. Familiar with blockchain user groups, industry strategies and most importantly a gaming lover. He truly believes decentralized gaming is the future of gaming and sees GalaxyBlitz as a real Game Changer, potentially becoming the best SLG game on blockchain.

Ivan: Capital Market

Responsible for the capital market, with more than 12 years of working experience, Ivan graduated from Columbia University. He once worked for JP Morgan in the United States and other Fortune 500 companies, and has managed $1billion of overseas transaction funds and has experience in many M&A projects.

Deon: Gaming Director

Deon started his gaming career as an indie game producer and published his game at With his passion for strategy gaming and the Web3 concept, he joined Galaxy Blitz. Being the Gaming Director, Deon is also responsible for demonstrating Galaxy Blitz to the public, through livestreams and various videos. Besides his passion for gaming, Deon was selected as Citizen of the Year by the City of Port Elizabeth because of his outstanding work against the cruelty of animals.

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